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  • If you are struggling to find a solution to your:
  • Digestive Issues (gas, bloat, leaky gut, food allergies, pain)
  • Hormone Imbalances (hot/cold flashes, craps, irregular cycles, painful cycles)
  • Headaches & Migraines (tired of take a drug to mask the symptoms)
  • Depression & Anxiety (feel like you are drowning and don't know where or how to get back to shore)
  • Chronic Pain (hip, knee, back, hand wrist, muscle etc..)
  • Autoimmune Disease(s) (know this is not "normal" to have your body attack itself and want to know WHY)

  • If you believe deep down there is a reason "WHY" you just don't feel good and If you found out WHY, you would be able to fix it and get your life and health back!

  • If you are tired of being passed around like a hot potato from doctor-to-doctor playing the "wait and see" game over and over again with little to no results.

  • If you are ready to jump ship (medical model) and try a new approach that has help thousands of people just like you find answers and get back to living life full out!

This is what I do...

I help high performance individuals and their families who suffer from one or more health issue (stated above) truly heal by get their health and life back!

Who is this guy I am considering scheduling a call with?

I am a big family man. I have been married for 17 years to my beautiful and high performance wife which I love dearly..

Together we have 8 high energy kiddos 6 girls and 2 boys

I am the co-owner and lead doctor at NEXT LEVEL Health Center located in Idaho Falls, Idaho for the past 12 years.

I am the creator and Brains behind:

NEXT LEVEL Health Center

12 Week RESTORE your Health Challenge

NEXT LEVEL Seasonal Academy



I am a Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Chinese Medicine with additional certifications in acupuncture, functional nutrition, pediatrics and pregnancy, rehab, functional medicine and brain based chiropractic.

My mission is to TEACH * LEAD * INSPIRE high performance individual and their families who are suffering from one or more health issues SAVE * CHANGE * TRANSFORM their health so that they can Experience and Express life as it was designed to be.

I have helped thousands of patients over the last 12 years get their health and life back who have been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, digestive issues, cancer, diabetes, headaches/migraines, depression/anxiety, chronic pain, cirrhosis of the liver to the typical minor aches and pains.


I have spent countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars learning and applying this information in my life and in thousands of others lives, people just like you...

If you will let me be your guide through our NEXT LEVEL Approach outlined in the "Restore Your Health Challenge" My promise to you is miracles will unfold in your life...


1.. "NEXT LEVEL Better Results Faster Guide" by Dr. Justin T. Hammon

What you will get from this guide....

  • The power of Seasonal Nutrition in healing the whole body and preventing problems in the future.
  • The "missing link" that most doctors miss that must be addressed first in order to fully heal
  • 5 basic Brain Exercise to reset inter-brain communication to maximize the healing and repair process
  • 2 NEXT LEVEL Blueprints.. designed to make YOU the center of your care not all the numbers...(one with questions the 2nd one we will used during our call)
  • How to put it all together in a 12 week step-by-step process

2.. Recording of the FREE Consult call

What did he say again?

1-There is nothing like asking a question and getting a great response on what to do. Then when you go to do it, you can only remember small little details of what was said... How frustrating is that?You might have said.. I wish I would have recorded that!

2-What would it be like to have a recording to go back to as a reference, a quick refresher, a reminder of what was discussed?..... Priceless!

3..Join our Private Facebook Group with like minded individuals!

The worst feeling in the worlds is

feeling that you are alone and nobody gets you!

You are NOT ALONE...We GET you!

  • I know you will have more questions, doubts, and struggles throughout this healing journey... Let us help you by:

  • Creating a community, a place where you can reach out for help with like-minded individuals fighting the same battle?
  • having a community monitored by Dr. Justin himself where he will be doing facebook lives on different health topics, post update related research, and adding different tools to guide you along the way
  • giving you access to information on keep you motivated, inspired, and moving forward.

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